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Issues-Where We Stand

Written Text for Speech given at

 Missouri Democrat Days – Hannibal, Missouri

Saturday Morning March 8th, 2008

 Approximately 525 individuals and media present

By Lyndon Bode – Democrat Candidate for the 9th Congressional District


Good Morning Fellow Democrats

   As Marion County Presiding Commissioner I would like to say “Welcome” to Marion County. We are very happy that you are here today. Marion County has a lot of new things happening. If you drove in from the east you came up the new Marion County Veterans Road Project which is a three and half mile long new road which goes north and south along the western edge of Hannibal. If you drove in from the west you saw all the new construction occurring at the Hannibal Regional Hospital and probably drove by the expansion of Hwy 36 to a four lane highway. We are very glad that you are here today and hope that you spend some time looking around and shopping in Historic Hannibal and Marion County.

     My wife and I began the process of running for the 9th Congressional District last year when Kenny Hulshof was trying to become the President of the University of Missouri. At that time I started to contact the members of the 9th Congressional Democratic Committee to let them know that we were interested in trying to get the Democrat Nomination if a special election were to occur for the 9th Congressional District. As we are all aware Congressman Hulshof was narrowed down to the final three but was not offered the position. After that time we receive a lot of calls and contacts for us to keep considering a run for the 9th Congressional District. I decided to wait until after our second daughter was born to make that decision.  I wanted to make sure that both our newborn child and my wife were okay before taking such a big step as running for congress.

     On Sunday, December 2nd our second daughter was born. God blessed us with a perfect little girl, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Bode, weighing 9 lbs, 1 ounce. She was 21 & half inches long. She joins her sister, Ashley Lyn Bode who is two and half years old. Everything went okay for my wife and we then decided over the Christmas Holidays to start our run for the United States Congress in January of this year.

     Who would have ever believed the events that have unfolded during the month of January.  First, with Governor Blunt deciding not to run again and then Congressman Hulshof moving to the Governor`s race.  Sometimes in Politics timing is everything and therefore we feel very good about our chances to win this election.

    Many of you know my background and have worked with me on a number of campaigns and projects. You can recall my starting in politics at a very young age of 10 years old. I am now 44 years old. It is hard to believe that 34 years have gone by and you have helped me to get to this point in my life. Democrat Days has been a very important part of my past and will continue to be a very important part of my future. I am glad to be a part of the Democrat Days Committee and to have served as a past Chairman of this event. I can remember attending Democrat Days at a young age and getting an autograph from the various politicians. I can remember being a part of the youth panel just like the young people that are here today for the youth panel.  I can remember working for a number of years on the Young Democrat Auction and serving as President of the Missouri Young Democrats. I still enjoy working here at Demo Days just like last night working at the registration tables and working again at the registration tables right after our brunch is over.

     I enjoy serving and working with the people. That is why I am running for United States Congress. I want to make the 9th Congressional District a better place to live and work. The past 14 years I have had the opportunity to serve as Marion County Presiding Commissioner. It is an elected position which I have greatly enjoyed and I hope to use my experience as commissioner in the future as your congressman.

     The Theme of our campaign will be “REBUILD AMERICA”.  As Marion County Presiding Commissioner we have been able to replace 30 old county bridges with new ones. We have been able to completely renovate both of our Courthouses. We have built a new Marion County Highway facility and the Marion County Veterans Road Project. We have also had 14 years of balanced county budgets.

    The theme of “REBUILD AMERICA” comes about because I still see the need for improved infrastructure – whether it is better roads, new bridges, improved sewer systems, better water treatment facilities, renovated city, county & state public buildings, the list could go on and on. I believe the federal government needs to get more involved in helping our cities, our counties and our state in rebuilding our national infrastructure. I will work to see that this happens. Right now so much of our federal tax dollars go overseas to rebuild other countries. It is time for us to start reinvesting our tax dollars in our own country. It is time for us to “REBUILD AMERICA”. If we work on rebuilding our infrastructure we will also be creating new jobs for our American workers. The time has come to “REBUILD AMERICA”.

Before I close I would like to cover a few other issues just to let you know where we stand on various issues. You may want to get a pencil and notepad ready.

#1. I want to mention again our theme of “REBUILD AMERICA”.

#2. I support Ethanol and Soy-diesel. In the 9th District we are a leader in this area. I want to see this continue.

#3. I am Pro-Life.

#4. I support the rights of Americans to bear arms. This is the best form of National Security. If someone thought about invading our country then they must think twice about it.

#5. I support Social Security and will work diligently to see that it remains solvent.

#6. I believe in a balanced federal budget. This is something we will have to work for over a period of time. Just as we did not get the current deficit in a year we will have to strive for a balanced budget.

#7. I believe in a strong military.

#8. Growing up and being raised on a farm I have the background and experience to help our farmers and agri-business deal with their issues.

#9. Starting and operating the Bode Courier Service I know and realize the needs and workings of small business.

#10. As a past member of the Teamsters I know and realize the work of the Unions and all of the working people in our district.                                                                                     

Thank You and I would appreciate your vote and support! is paid for and authorized by the Lyndon Bode for Congress Committee,

John Cormier-Treasurer.

Lyndon Bode for Congress Committee mailing address is 6950 CR 263, Palmyra, MO 63461