Lyndon Bode

        for Congress

      Democrat--9th District


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Campaign Purpose and Goals

My Purpose in running for the Missouri 9th Congressional District Seat is to help make the 25 counties represented in the 9th Congressional District a better place to live and work.

By working together we can all make our area a better place to live and work.

As congressman I will be representing a very large geographical area. What happens in one area will also effect another area of the district. We need to realize that the needs of the people whether it is in the rural area or the urban area will affect us all. Whether young, middle age or older we must all work together to make our area of the country a better place to live and work.

I will be there to work for you.


While my campaign will have many goals I have decided to highlight three goals which I will be referring to as the Three A`s-

#1. Access As your congressman I will try to make myself as accessible to you as possible. I plan to not only take care of the duties in Washington but also to take care of the duties in the 9th Congressional District. You will see me a lot. I believe that a congressman needs to be available for people to meet and talk to. I will be that type of congressman.

#2. Accountability As congressman or even now as commissioner I am accountable to you. I believe I am accountable to you and I plan to be accountable for my actions just like I do now as commissioner.

#3. American Dream I have always believed in our country and the men & women working to keep our country safe. The American Dream is what people dream of all across this world. I will work to see that coming generations have the ability to experience THE AMERICAN DREAM. is paid for and authorized by the Lyndon Bode for Congress Committee,

John Cormier-Treasurer.

Lyndon Bode for Congress Committee mailing address is 6950 CR 263, Palmyra, MO 63461